Santa Maria offers different scenarios both on land and sea, allowing activities for all the family or for adventure sports.

4X4 Forest Scenic Drive: Casa de Almagreira has a small 4x4 allowing a scenic drive around the island and forest trails.
Bycicle: 4 city bikes are available at the house to tour the island roads and experience some of the wider rural tracks.
Canyoning, Rock Climbing, Rappel e Slide: Experience the thrills of these adventure sports by appointment with one of the local sporting companies.
Horse Riding: Ride the Island countryside by horse (experience provided by an independent company).
Hiking: Santa Maria has 3 hiking routes, all of medium difficulty: Pico Alto Anjos (PR2 SMA); Entre a Serra e o Mar (PRC 3 SMA); Sto. Espírito Maia (PR4 SMA), part of some can be walked to road access crossing and allow a pleasant family experience.
Outer Activities: There are 3 Regional Forest Reservations on the island (Fontinhas, Valverde e Mata do Alto), all are equipped with outer grill, tables and benches, and provide free fire wood to allow you to cook and have an outer meal, these regional parks have green leisure areas. Fontinhas has wildlife on display.
Along the regional roads, several sightseeing areas and pic-nic spots with grill facilities are found.
Paragliding: Tandem paragliding can be arranged by AJISM, a local youth organization or by other sporting companies in Vila do Porto (subjected to favourable weather conditions).

Kayaking: 3 Bic-Sport Kayaks are available from the house for your enjoyment (1 double, 1 single and 1 fishing kayak with line trolling rests for your private fishing fun).
Snorkeling: Several gear is available from the house.
Traditional fishing: Several direct fishing canes and material is available from the house.
Uppon reservation, a real true rock fishing experience can be provided with an experienced fisherman, using bamboo cane.
Boat: Boat rental with or without skipper for Touristic Tours, Whale and Dolphin Watch, Game Fishing, Scuba Diving or Under water Spear Fishing.
Scuba Diving: Uppon reservation, there are several companies in Santa Maria who will be glad to take you to amazing spots, dive with manta rays, whale sharks, see skools of Ambar Jacks and Barracudas.
The house can provide you with rubber Marsaille type belts and led.
Sail Boat: Skipper or non skipper rental of sail boats.
Windsurf, Bodyboard and Surf: Uppon prior reservation, material can be rented for these activities at Clube Naval de Santa Maria.

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